Quickly show off your data with the right format and precision

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, we say the way your numbers are presented on a visualization are the difference between people understanding your data or not. It’s a lot easier to understand the importance of $10,234.35 than 10234.3502349345 and $10.2k may be even better.

In the past, all the number formatting and labels had to be handled as part of building your data set in Yurbi. This meant using some complex formulas and data types, that frankly deviated from the spirit of self-service BI in our opinion.

We’re excited to announce this update because it makes the process of customizing your number formats, labels, and precision super simple.

Now included in our Chart Wizard (also in our KPI Wizard and soon to be available on Data Grids) all you have to do is bring your raw data into the wizard and you can automatically set the display to be Currency, Large Number, Percentage, Fixed Point and set the precision desired with just a few clicks.

This means that not only can the Builder in Yurbi save how they want the visualizations to appear, the view-only Agent users can personalize it via the Chart Wizard for their own purposes and export or print the visualization the way they want it to appear.

Check out this example to get started.