We stomped a lot of bugs in the latest release

We’re always in the bug extermination business (it’s a natural thing in software), but we don’t always talk about it. We’re going to start to add more on our change log about some of the bugs and improvements we are making.

If you see it here, it’s in the latest generally available build. All you have to do is update your Yurbi Server with the latest update patch to get all the fixes (and other enhancements).

Here are some of the recent bugs and enhancements:

We fixed the broken links to our support portal. We updated support.yurbi.com and in the process broke all the links to help in the product. That’s fixed and in the future, we can update links without needing a product update.

The report scheduler is more resilient. We found some conditions where reports were not being properly scheduled and resolved those issues. Also, the scheduling of pivot tables caused a missing row of data. All is fixed and the scheduler is a lot better now.

Saving reports is faster. When we save a report, we check a lot of things to make sure all the security is properly set. We’ve converted those things to be asynchronous now which is a technical term to mean, it’s a lot faster.

Reports run faster when a person is in multiple App Shield policies. We discovered (thanks to a great customer) that if a user is a member of multiple App Shield policies it greatly increased the time it took to run reports. We found the reason and optimized it to be a lot faster.

CSV exports are better. The CSV export would show the original data field name and not the renamed label. This is now fixed.

Update to the latest version of Yurbi to get these fixes and more.